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Spyglass Talent Solutions is a retained talent acquisition firm that fills essential roles for successful companies. We specialize in helping lean, growth-minded organizations across North Carolina – manufacturing to industrial, construction to commercial, and more.


How We Do It?

We get it.
That’s how we get it done.

Identifying top-tier talent—employees aligned with your values who you can trust to help guide your business—is always a challenge. Pinpointing the one individual capable of stepping in and doing the job exceptionally well? That’s even harder.

It’s also essential.

That’s why Spyglass offers full-service outsourced talent acquisition services that bring a very experienced human touch to the process. Team members aren’t widgets; a generic, post-and-pray approach can’t possibly take into account the history of what you’ve built and the goals you hope to achieve.

Yes, it takes time to do it the Spyglass way. Time well spent: Getting to know each other. Looking deeper. Understanding the parameters of the opening and your vision for the future. All so we can find the one—that person who can take you to the next level.

Seek, and we shall find.

You’re experts in your business; we’re experts in ours. When we work together, we “own” the entire recruiting process, applying our skills and experience on your behalf to everything from sourcing and recruiting to vetting and onboarding.

You are here.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to nurturing relationships. We cultivate and sustain meaningful connections with prospects and clients, and foster lasting partnerships, by prioritizing your needs at each step and in every engagement.

Mapping the opportunity

Mapping the opportunity

We meet with decision makers to develop an understanding of your business goals and culture. A candidate profile is created, delineating specific roles and requirements for the position.

Exploring the landscape

Exploring the landscape

We implement a customized search strategy, leveraging the Spyglass database, our extensive networks, technology partners, and other resources to identify and reach out to prospective candidates.

Assessing the options

Assessing the options

We screen, interview and validate candidates, evaluating them based on expertise, experience, personality and cultural fit, using carefully calibrated question sets and assessments. 

Reaching the destination

Reaching the destination

We meet with decision makers and develop an understanding of business goals and culture. A candidate profile is created, delineating specific roles and requirements for the position.

And then we head together toward your next opportunity.

We let you do what you do best.

Well-run businesses do more with less, leveraging the abilities of a lean management team to oversee dynamic organizations with large or growing headcounts.

Which is great. But it can also make the process of quickly filling a key leadership position, or expanding the team, particularly difficult. Not only does it call for specialized knowledge, it pulls other leadership team members away from their essential day-to-day jobs.

That’s where we come in—aligning our expertise with your need, giving our full attention to the task at hand, and tracking down the ideal candidate.

What you see
is who you get.

There’s nothing more frustrating—or inefficient—than playing a game of telephone with important information, and watching as details and insights get distorted or lost as they’re passed down the line.

Rest assured that our personal approach starts at the top. The people listed here are the people you’ll be working with at Spyglass. Knowledgeable, available, accountable, and ready to get to work.

John Reid Sidebotham

John Reid

Founder & President

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Dee Pinto


VP, Talent Acquisition

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Director, Talent Acquisition

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Mary Hannah

Business Development and Operations Associate

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